more engaging social intranet platformJostle’s new kind of social intranet platform connects employees, facilitates teamwork, and drives corporate culture in a way that improves upon traditional intranet software and first-generation social business platform. Jostle works to keep things simple, eschewing the Facebook-like approaches that can create unwanted communications noise and are ill-suited for multi-generational workforces. Jostle provides a means for employees to share successes and find information and expertise as it is needed.

“It’s not about social for social’s sake. To succeed in the workplace, it is critical to help companies engage and align employees,” said Brad Palmer, co-founder and CEO of Jostle. “We don’t believe software should disrupt the workplace, or force big changes in the way people interact and make decisions. Rather we want to help employees find the information and connections they need to get their work done, and help them feel part of an extended team accomplishing things together.”

The cloud-based People Engagement platform is a next-gen intranet with a people-centric approach and turnkey design that builds and engages workplace through the real-time sharing of stories and accomplishments within organizations to build a sense of accomplishing things together. Jostle’s TEAMS technology clarifies organizations structures, such as formal project teams and ad hoc committees, while making it easy to publish and find information sourced from real teams. The platform’s people-search technology helps find employees even with incorrect spellings and auto-tagging makes discovering expertise and skills and replaces employee directories.


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