enhances to ms dynamics gpTracking and forecasting software provider Journyx has announced the launch of a solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP that speeds up time and expense tracking while providing a total enterprise package. The new tool, developed due to customer dissatisfaction with tracking in Dynamics GP, does more than simply make time tracking more efficient; it offers other customized features including:

• Web-based tracking software for time, expense, and project management. The software allows users to validate data entry and offers multi-level approvals and accrual calculations.

• Journyx Accountlink for MS Dynamics GP provides full, bi-directional integration with GP.

• An accrual calculator that automates certain leave time accrual processes.

• A data validation tool that accommodates customized rules for validating time data.

• Fully interfaces with any payroll system ensuring data is always synced with Journyx.

• ProStart implementation services help make Journyx implementation simple.

“Journyx has proven itself as a solid add-on for Microsoft Dynamics, as evidenced by our work with customers such as Kissimmee Utility Authority and W Squared,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “We have taken a huge step forward in considering the specific needs of GP users and creating an offering that extends beyond our time tracking and offers a total enterprise solution.”


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