kenexa logoKenexa, recently acquired by IBM, has released the first learning suite to incorporate a social learning management system (LMS), which includes social features such as complete networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities, and a user rating tool for sharing experiences with other users. The suite also includes a learning management system and mobile learning functionality.

“Social Learning has been touted as contributing to as much as 80 percent of learning that takes place within an organization. Until now, organizations have not been able to initiate, leverage or participate in this component of learning,” said, Rudy Karsan, CEO and co-founder of Kenexa. “Our new Kenexa Learning Suite with a Social LMS fuses social capabilities with the formal learning process, adding networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing to the online formal learning process. This fusion helps employees perform better in their roles, and provides greater job satisfaction as well as better overall performance for the company.”

The Social LMS adds several new features to the Kenexa Learning Suite including:

• A user interface that manages formal and informal curriculum needs;

• A home page with an overview of all courses, assignments, workspaces, etc. that the user needs and a search box for quick access to all content;

• A schedule page giving access to detailed views of assignments, curricula, links to transcripts and course catalogues, and instructor lead training;

• Question routing software that automatically sends user questions to experts in the relevant subject matter;

• A tab providing easy access to all documents, files, postings, and training videos; and

• A manager-only feature granting access to HR systems.


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