December 4, 2014

Kiran Analytics Adds Scheduler to Workforce Optimization Suite for Retail Banks

scheduler added to optimization suiteKiran Analytics, a leading firm for intelligent branch transformation, has announced the launch of new Scheduler software that is integrated with its Forecaster software to provide a comprehensive workforce optimization solution for large retail banks. Kiran’s Scheduler enables branch managers to optimize allocation of all branch staff according to the forecasted customer traffic pattern and work content.

Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics, said, “We are very excited about the release of our new labor scheduling software. Retail banks need the ability to closely match the planned resources with the actual FTE in each branch in their network. Branch managers need easy-to-use shift planning tools to manage staff schedules while addressing the impact of preferred work times, vacations, PTO, etc. Our new Scheduler software helps meet the critical workforce optimization challenge to create optimal schedules that achieve target service levels, address staff preferences, and minimize labor costs.”

With Scheduler, branch managers can optimize schedules, visualize impacts, and play with what-ifs for shift plans for all branch staff on their rosters. Kiran’s Scheduler software improves collaboration between central resource planning and branch management allowing for branch managers to easily distribute schedules to employees.

DeLapa continued, “Branch managers play the most critical role in optimizing branch productivity. One of our key design principles for Scheduler was making the branch manager’s job easy to plan and schedule shifts. In the midst of new branch transformation initiatives, branch managers are faced with new staff scheduling challenges like pooled resources that work at multiple branches, changing the full-time part-time staffing mix, and universal banker implementation. Our Scheduler simplifies the branch manager’s job.”

Kiran’s Scheduler is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for retail banks.

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