According to LinkedIn’s “Global Recruiting Trends 2018″ report, recruiters have set their sights this year on diversity, new interviewing tools, data, and AI in an effort to improve their processes.

Unfortunately, even with the latest tech and best practices on their side, recruiters can still run into unforeseen roadblocks that prevent them from attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent. While it’s impossible to predict every twist and turn of the hiring process, recruiters can position themselves for success by first shattering these three common obstacles:

1. Working With Outdated Technology

AI and other new interviewing tools present exciting new ways to attract and connect with candidates, and recruiters are ready to jump on board. In fact, 56 percent of recruiters surveyed in LinkedIn’s report said new interviewing tools are very or extremely important, with another 35 percent saying the same about AI.

But despite the hype surrounding all of this new technology, many sales recruiters are left working with outdated technologies. Whether due to restrictions set by leadership or a lack of budget, this roadblock can cause serious setbacks, especially when competing against other major sales organizations for talent.

If you’re having trouble convincing organizational leaders that updated technology is necessary to attract, hire, and retain top sales candidates, then walk them through a day in your life. Share the approximate amount of time it takes you to email every prospective candidate, how long it takes you to assess just one candidate’s skills fully, and other time-sucking tasks that could be automated or eased by new technology.

Connect the time spent on these tasks to the cost of the hiring process over all. Then, explain how new tech could decrease time to hire, help you find the best sales candidates, and increase retention, all while cutting costs. For example, personality and soft skills assessments could help you quickly determine which candidates have the essential qualities of a successful salesperson, shaving hours off of the screening process.

2. Low Unemployment Rate

Nobody is rooting for high unemployment rates, but the record-low unemployment rate can make recruiting sales candidates rather difficult.

When unemployment is this low, most candidates are passive rather than active. Passive candidates, especially in the sales world, are not easy catches. Top-quality sales reps are very dedicated to their customers and products, making it challenging to lure them your way.

That said, there’s a way around every roadblock. You just need to get creative with the detour.

In this case, the best way to spark interest in your company and products is through your current sales team. According to a recent Recruiting Daily Advisor report, employee referrals are a top way today’s recruiters are attracting talent for open positions.

Reach out to your current team members and encourage them to help spread your employer brand. Ask them to use social media to share their passion for your company, products, and mission. Ask them to share any job openings with their networks as well. You may be surprised by how many talented candidates are in your current sales reps’ networks.

3. Lack of Budget

When your goal is to find and hire the best sales talent, a lack of budget is one of the worst walls you can hit. Leadership can hit you with a budget slash at any moment, leaving you without the appropriate resources to promote your openings and attract top talent.

A tight budget can make it especially hard to promote your employer brand, which is particularly challenging in today’s market. Those passive sales candidates are looking even closer at your brand and company culture than ever before. If budget issues stop you from showing them off, it may become downright impossible to fill your roles.

It’s time to get creative. One easy way to promote your employer brand without spending a ton of money is to ask current sales reps to give testimonials, either written or via video, about their jobs and the company. These testimonials can really spice up your job ads and your social media presence.

Also, consider asking your customers to share their views on your company and product on social media. The more positive, genuine branding you can accomplish through these free channels, the more qualified candidates will be able to find you — and apply for your roles.

Karyn Mullins is president of Connect with Karyn on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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