workforce analytics avialable to public sectorKronos, a leader in cloud-based workforce management solutions, has announced the new availability of its public sector Workforce Analytics applications. The app provides state and local governments, K-12, and higher education organizations with access to on-demand reports on labor hour and costs. Kronos helps government agencies and educational institutions track real-time labor-related expense for accurate labor utilization and reporting.

“As public sector entities become overwhelmed with more and more workforce data, analyzing that information and acting upon it in a timely fashion is becoming increasingly difficult, and opportunities for improvement are lost. Workforce Analytics from Kronos will help these organizations make fact-based decisions that have a positive impact on the bottom line,” said Christine Carmichael, director of the public sector practice group at Kronos.

Kronos is seeking to address the issue of increased reliance on labor data within governments and educational institutions which are having difficulties transferring workforce insights to frontline managers. The public sector app helps control labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and improve productivity. The workplace tool also collects timekeeping data, tracks grants, and transforms leave-liability data from multiple sources into actionable business intelligence.

Workforce Analytics provides depletion-rate tracking, fund usage control, and helps avoid budget overrun. Additionally, its assists in determining labor costs associated with specific programs. Managers also gain insights into leave liability allowing for more accurate anticipation of leave payouts and their financial impacts.


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