gamification of workforce managementKronos Incorporated has announced a new leaderboard feature within its Workforce Central suite designed to reward and recognize employees, managers, and teams for positive job performance and adhering to an organization’s time and attendance policies and procedures.

Kronos leaderboards can be enabled in the Workforce Central suite so organizations can reward employees, managers, and teams for following proper time and attendance policies and procedures with features including:

  • Recommended time and attendance challenges that award points for a perfect timecard, approval of timecards, perfect attendance, no missed punches, overtime-related bonuses, and pre-defined exceptions.
  • Capability to build additional challenges based on specified workforce management attributes, workflow notifications, and exceptions created by the organization, as well as the ability to alter text and change the names of specific leaderboards and challenges
  • Automatic near-time leaderboard updates tied to specific employees and/or teams based on time and attendance gamification rules, game time frame, and employee eligibility as determined by the organization.
  • Simple toggle function between peer-to-peer and team-to-team leaderboards and challenges based on organizational charts and reporting structure.
  • Configuring specific workflow notifications in Kronos leaderboards allows organizations to build unique challenges that award points to employees when a manager inserts comments about exceptional performance.

“Gamification has been a driving force in consumer applications over the past several years, while workplace challenges such as sales contests, employee-of-the-month awards, and tracking days without an accident have proven for ages to be a positive way to motivate employees. We’ve combined these two concepts by bringing the same gamification technology that excites consumers to earn points and rewards into the world of workforce management to award and help engage employees. Gamification combines structure and guidance with fun workplace competition to produce measurable results using a carrot, not a stick – all while helping organizations better manage their workforces,” said Bill Bartow, vice president of global product management at Kronos.

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