Personnel Management Resources

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Talent management has been cited as an area of great deficiency in the modern workplace. Virtualized teams, rapid technology deployments, and greater use of contingent labor have contributed to the demand for strong, professional personnel management. Explore articles and resources on the topic, and find jobs and network in the personnel management profession.

Personnel management, alternatively known as workforce or employee management, refers to the process that an organisation recruits and maintains its workforce. Primarily handled by the HR department, this administrative process involves several functions.

  • Recruitment

  • Writing job descriptions and planning staff movements to fulfill manpower needs

  • Staff development and training

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Healthcare and insurance matters

  • Promoting staff welfare

  • Communicating and explaining the organisation's policies to other employees

  • Managing the performance appraisal system

  • Succession planning

  • Dispute mediation and resolution

  • Staff termination

Given the myriad and varied nature of the management work, individuals involved in personnel management must have the right mindset and set of skills to perform their duties well. For example, they are responsible for formulating the organisation's policies and procedures that would affect everyone else in the organisation. After that, they have to communicate with the other employees on the rationale and details behind these policies, before implementing them on an organisation-wide basis.

One key aspect of personnel management is to ensure that the emotional welfare of employees is well taken care of. After all, a happy worker is a productive worker. Personnel management is like a two-way street. Not only does it serve to communicate the management's decisions to the employees, it is also a feedback mechanism for the latter to share their concerns about the organisation. Hence, it is not uncommon for the personnel management to be closely involved in the working lives of employees, such as provide job counseling when necessary, or to implement measures to improve the employee satisfaction with the organisation.
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