trends in workforce managementKronos SaaShr, Inc. has launched a new video series, Trends in Workforce Management, aimed at educating the SMB market with insights on workforce management trends from expert thought leaders in its partner community.

Trends in Workforce Management videos provide insight from several solution provider thought leaders on specific topics that affect SMBs and their workforce management practices. Each video provides SMB owners and their operations, HR, and finance personnel with critical information on developing workforce management strategies to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

The first video in the “Trends in Workforce Management” series addresses the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its impact on SMBs, including advice for developing strategies to manage ACA compliance. Future topics include:

  • The Mobile Workforce –SMBs can harness the power of mobile for their workforces while devising strategies to manage in the moment.
  • Time and Attendance ROI – An automated time and attendance solution is a staple for successful SMBs. Technology plays a critical role to improve productivity, reduce payroll costs, and decrease manual administration time while providing visibility into the workforce.
  • Cloud vs. On-Premise – Cloud workforce management solutions offer SMBs specific benefits over traditional on-premise solutions, including the ability to maximize IT resources, ease of installation, and data accessibility.
  • Integration and Data – Workforce management integration with other critical software solutions is no longer reserved for large enterprises. SMBs can leverage a single database across various functional areas to ensure data accessibility and integrity.
  • The Power of Outsourcing–SMBs are increasingly partnering with workforce management providers to understand the challenges and regulations that affect their business while developing strategies to address these issues with technology and industry best practices.

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