LBi Software logoLBi Software has announced the release of the newest version of its flagship product, LBi HR HelpDesk. Like its predecessors, version 5.0 is a browser-based application that manages employee inquiries about HR, payroll, recruitment, talent management, and benefits. Nearly every aspect of HR HelpDesk was enhanced with the update from adding mobile functionality to improved reporting features. The seven core areas, including new or enriched features, include: user interface, mobile browser functionality, HR and employee interaction, document repository, ad-hoc reporting, social collaboration, and case-aging utility.

Social communications can now be tracked for more than just HR representatives and employee interactions. Communications between HR reps and whoever is contacted to resolve an inquiring is now tracked through HR HelpDesk, providing a complete picture of all case-related communications. HR administrators may now also monitor company mentions by employees on public social media platforms.

“It’s simply a tool that allows HR departments to know what their employees are saying about the company in areas that are already publicly available,” Richard Teed, president of LBi Software, said. “We heard that companies would place a high value on this, primarily when there’s a grievance against the organization or a concern about the employer brand being assailed.”

To offer a more developed and robust reporting experience, version 5.0 adds a document repository to store standard forms and other documents that employees and customer service representatives may access during a case. An improved aging utility provides a more flexible way to track cases by day or hour and account for holidays and other non-work days. A PDF presenting the complete description of HR HelpDesk 5.0 is available at LBi Software’s website.


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