new edition of leavexpertOptis, a provider of people data services and cloud software solutions, has announced the launch of a new edition of LeaveXpert, the company’s leave and absence management solution. LeaveXpert’s self-service portal streamlines the process for leave requests for HR departments and employees. Employees can access LeaveXpert from anywhere with Internet access to request a leave of absence and provide details to a Leave Specialist. These details can include information such as reason for leave, the first day of absence, and return to work date. The Leave Specialist is notified automatically of the request and can view all employee-provided information through LeaveXpert.

LeaveXpert assists HR departments by creating a centralized process for requesting leave and collecting leave details. It gives employees an accessible way to notify their employer of upcoming leave. The self-service portal assists in management absence and return to work efforts, making the process more efficient and effective. The new edition is built on a new platform with a more intuitive interface and the ability to view prior leaves of absences requested by employees. The portal is available in Plus and Unlimited editions of LeaveXpert.

“Our mission is to help organizations better understand their people data and manage absence easier,” said Optis President, Archie Anderson. “We help those organizations solve big problems. Creating this simple and efficient way for our customers to enable their employees’ to submit their leave requests helps make managing the absence process easier.”


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