Linkedin Logo for Linkedin GroupsThe popular social network LinkedIn has achieved yet another important milestone. In March of this year, Linkedin crossed one hundred million members. Now, LinkedIn Groups have reached the one million mark (currently 1,000,237). That means that over one million groups have been created by LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn groups are popular discussion areas on LinkedIn and an important source of on-site content for LinkedIn. LinkedIn groups function as user discussion forums and areas for groups of users to congregate around common areas of interest. LinkedIn allows for messaging capabilities within groups and for certain other key areas of content, like jobs and promotions.

LinkedIn groups have obviously become a vital part of the social platform. Although a good deal of the groups have very few members, there are hundreds of thousands of groups that are vibrant and highly active. Groups are often centered around a mutual concern, industry, profession, topic, or school. LinkedIn groups have also become very popular for assembling and communicating with ex-employees and/or alumnus. (Note: – this publication – operates the Recruiter Network LinkedIn group, which has almost 200,000 members.)

Since their start, LinkedIn groups have proven very popular. LinkedIn members who wish to start a LinkedIn group would do well to read some of the available information on best practices in LinkedIn group management, such as this article from Mashable. Additionally, LinkedIn offers a group of its own particularly about the group product. This LinkedIn “group for groups” routinely offers best practices, tips, and updates about the group service.

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