September 25, 2012

LinkedIn Introduces New Endorsements Feature

LinkedIn logoProfessional social networking site LinkedIn introduced Endorsements, a new feature that allows users to give kudos or endorse the skills and expertise of their connections. With one, simple click, members can endorse their connections for a skill listed on their profiles. Users can also recommend a skill their connection hasn’t added yet. For example, if one of your connection’s has programming listed as a skill on his or her profile, you can attest to this person’s skills by clicking the new “endorse” button.

Ways of endorsing your connections include:

  • Choose from a list of recommended endorsements located on the top of a connection’s profile.
  • Use the new Skills Expertise section, which showcases these endorsements.
  • Suggest additional skills for your connections.

You can also see who endorsed you; LinkedIn will notify you via email and on LinkedIn whenever you are endorsed. By going to the bottom of your LinkedIn profile page under “Skills and Expertise,” you can see the faces of those who endorsed you. If someone recommends a new skill, you can accept it to be added to your profile. Or you can also add a new skill by clicking on “add a skill” on your profile page.

LinkedIn’s Endorsements feature launched in English across the United States, India, New Zealand, and Australia on Sept. 24.

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