checkIn its recent Social Recruiting Activity Report, recruitment and applicant tracking software developer Bullhorn has found that LinkedIn is the most effective frequently used social media website by recruiters, performing above Twitter and Facebook. The new study focused on recruiter activity, not job seekers. Facebook continues to build popularity as a source for both job hunters and as a tool for professional networking, but LinkedIn continues to generate more views than the combined views of Twitter and Facebook.

The result of more views is more job applications received by recruiters, and jobs posted on LinkedIn received nine times more applications than Facebook and three times that of Twitter. However, an interesting aside, Twitter users are nearly 300 percent more likely to apply for a job than a connection on LinkedIn, and over 800 percent more likely than a job seeker on Facebook. Twitter also generates two times as many views per job post than Facebook, leading to the conclusion that Twitter may be underexploited by social recruiters.

The report determined that nearly half of all social recruiters exclusively use LinkedIn, with an average network size of 661 connections, contrasted by the average 37 followers recruiters amass on Twitter. LinkedIn is also growing the quickest with an additional 18.5 connections adder per recruiter every week; Twitter users add only 3.3 followers per week and those on Facebook add only 1.4 friends. The average LinkedIn job post also receives about three times more views than a Twitter post and six times more views than Facebook.

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