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Social recruiting is one of the hottest and most discussed recruitment methods in the industry. Recruiters have widely adopted social technology for their purposes, as "making connections" comes naturally. Learn about the tools and best practices you need to be successful in the new social arena.

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Social Media Recruiting

With the ascendance of casual and professional social media websites with numbers of users in the hundreds of millions worldwide, using these networks as corporate recruiting tools is a free and future-proof way to research and reach out to potential job candidates. Social media recruiting or "social recruiting" involves leveraging a variety of social media tools to recruit talent. Job recruiting has always been about networking; social media simply injects modern technological networks into the tried-and-true formula.

How to leverage social media for recruitment

One of the most apparent and useful ways to use social media for human resource purposes is to simply post available jobs to a social media website then comb through the profiles of responders for a good fit. Of course, it is crucial to form a wide network of connections. Such connections can include clients, former co-workers, industry figures, business owners, professional acquaintances, and other people who also then act as hubs for access to secondary connections. Once a prospect is found, it is only a matter of evaluating the candidate's profile for references, affiliations, and other relevant data.
Another benefit of social media is the ability to create inexpensive and exceptionally targeted ads. With social media ads, recruiters are given the tools to target specified audiences based on age, sex, location, and even keywords. Once created, the ad will appear only to those users fitting the specification. Not only does social media recruiting enable a company to access a vast pool of potential talent, but it also allows a recruiter to get to know a candidate before sending an interview invitation.
Despite an extremely high unemployment rate, it is still often difficult to find a candidate with both the right qualities and qualifications to fill a position. Often times the process of reviewing resumes and applications turns out to be a waste of time upon interviewing. It is for this reason that more companies have started using social recruitment with increased frequency.
The main benefit of social recruitment is that the hiring representative is able to meet and gauge what an individual is like before the time consuming processes of reviewing applications. Job fairs are often a successful way of making a match between candidate and company. While a person may be quite qualified for a job on paper, the first impression given during an interview can outweigh qualifications. In addition, by meeting individuals before applications are reviewed one already knows if the demeanor of a candidate would be appropriate for the environment. Social recruitment by way of employee recommendations can also be promising. If an employee is willing to put their reputation out for another it is likely that this candidate is worth looking at.
As the world we are living in is becoming more technologically driven, social media recruitment is significantly more important. Websites designed to match employers with applicants and even the use of social media websites with public profiles can be both convenient and all-telling. Many employers are now looking at the public profiles of applicants before hiring them to get a better idea of their character traits.
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