lpl 401kLPL Financial has recently announced a new support platform for retirement plan advisors. The platform, entitled The Rollover Results Program, and its key feature, the Retirement Results Desk, are designed to educate participants separating from their employer about rollover options while giving retirement plan advisors the tools to grow their businesses by serving those employees separating from client companies.

The Retirement Results desk offers a platform of understanding for separating employees who require insight into 401k options. Once the rollover process is begun, the Desk is capable of opening IRA accounts, transferring retirement accounts, educating employees on the rollover process, and serving as a contact for separating employees who may have questions regarding the rollover process.

Plan advisors participating in the Rollover Results Program can request lists of partnership candidates from the Rollover Program’s database, choose partners, and develop partnership agreements on a per-client basis. The program also provides advisors with access to customizable workshops led by LPL Financial advisors who are available to present to plan participants or to an array of online planning modules.

Bill Chetney, Executive Vice President of LPL Financial Retirement Partners, said, “The Rollover Results Program provides valuable new benefits to employers and their employees by giving them more visibility into their retirement options, both in-plan and once they leave the plan. The program also helps our advisors build their businesses by putting them in control of new options for serving sponsor clients’ separating employees.” More information about the program may be found at

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