tipsAs a modern marketing professional, you already understand the power of Web 2.0 marketing and social media marketing. But how can you make your new Twitter marketing campaign shine? To make your social media marketing campaigns really successful, you should take advantage of all the free tools out there that drive traffic to websites via the most popular social media sites like Twitter. You can use these free tools to manage your Twitter account and optimize your tweets to reach the most people.

To make your Twitter campaign stand head and shoulders above the competition, here are some of the most useful free Twitter tools out there and how to use them in marketing.

This is the best free search engine for Twitter that allows you to search all tweets for keywords just like searching on the web through Google or Bing. The site design is simple and easy to use—just type in your keywords and see what people are tweeting. Twitter Search also shows you the latest tweet topics and trends right there on the home page so you can get hot topics at a glance. Use Twitter Search to find out what people are saying about your client’s industry and see what brands and links they are sharing.


This free Twitter tool collects the most popular links and content around the web. It even isolates content by topic category, so you can target your tweets more effectively. By using tweetmeme, you can find the latest Twitter trends and understand what’s popular on the web at any given moment. Once you’ve found a good trend, retweet the hottest content to drive traffic to your client’s website. By posting popular content, you will gain more followers and more exposure for your client.

Just Tweet It is a free Twitter tool that allows users to find other Twitter users in a similar category. To use this service, submit a listing for your client’s Twitter account so that they can be found by other Twitter users in their industry or users who are interested in their content. You can also find people to follow using this free Twitter tool. The Just Tweet It Blog also has some useful posts about Twitter marketing and tips for use. Just Tweet It also offers a Twitter Tools Directory that lists more useful Twitter web tools.

Tweeple Twak

Powerful Twitter analytics hide behind the silly name of this free Twitter tool. With Tweeple Twak, you can track your Twitter use with easy to read graphics just like Google Analytics tools for a website. This service tracks information about your followers, including who has recently followed you and (maybe more importantly) who has unfollowed you. You can also track the popularity of your tweets and gain valuable insight into how Twitter is working for the brand.

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