Preventing workplace injuries is the primary goal of Mastery Technologies and by using online media to educate, the company has saved many lives and prevented thousands of workplace injuries. The company utilizes a large interactive multimedia training library to educate about safety issues and is recently celebrating its two millionth online play.

Along with Mastery’s commercial products, it also offers some free training courses for the community due largely to the effects of the recession. At least 20,000 individuals have received free safety training since the recession began. Mastery also retains about 1,000 organizations that utilize training products such as CD-ROMS and LAN-based training.

Workplace injuries and fatalities have decreased since the formation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). By combining OSHA standards, workplace safety training, and better safety equipment and workplaces, OSHA reports that workplace deaths have decreased every year from 1970 until now. In 1970, 14,000 deaths were reported and in 2010, 4,547 deaths were reported.

Along with workplace safety training, Mastery is now expanding into business skills training. William Marker, President of Mastery Technologies, states, “While training on business skills doesn’t have the same impact as safety training, as far as saving lives goes, it provides great value to organizations.” For more information about Mastery Technologies, visit

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