financialHealth savings account expert, and former HSA consultant to the U.S. Treasury Department, Ray “Mr. HSA” Ramthun has finalized his 2013 projections for HSA after the release of March’s inflation figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ramthun predicts that the maximum contribution to HSAs will rise in 2013 to $3,250 for individuals with self-only coverage and to $6,450 for individuals with family coverage. Catch-up contributions for employees aged 55 and older will remain at $1,000 for the year.

He also expects HSA-qualified insurance plans will require changes in 2013, “For the first time in three years, the minimum deductible for HSA-qualified plans will increase. The minimum deductible will rise to $1,250 for individuals with self-only coverage and $2,500 for individuals with family coverage.”

Consumes enrolled in qualified plans with the current 2012 deductible should make an effort to ensure that their plan remains qualified for 2013. Ramthun comments, “If your deductible does not increase to $1,250 or $2,500 at your plan renewal, you will lose your HSA eligibility for the coming year.”

Changes to out-of-pocket expenses are also expected, “The limits on out-of-pocket expenses will also rise for 2013,” says Ramthun. “The new limits will rise to $6,250 for individuals with self-only coverage and $12,500 for individuals with family coverage. Existing plans with lower limits will not have to change this feature of their plan designs but can if they want to.”

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