social media conceptAccording to the Social Recruitment Monitor™, Northrop Grumman and Taco Bell’s social recruitment programs are the most effective in generating likes/follows, engagement and community interaction with and by their audiences.

The monitor is the first-ever fact-based and objective online benchmark tool for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of global employers’ social media recruiting efforts. It recently released its first performance findings for 109 major U.S. companies. The overall findings show that both Northrop Grumman’s and Taco Bell’s social recruitment engagement programs support the belief that quality is more important than quantity for recruitment results.

The Monitor examines employers’ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and weekly website rankings to help them measure the engagement and reach of their social media recruiting efforts. Activities are measured by a series of carefully weighted variables that determine a company’s popularity, activity and interaction. The tool provides up-to-date analysis of likes, comments, shares, Engagement Ratios (E.R.) and Community Interaction (C.I.), with a cumulative analysis of all data resulting in an SRM Index score.

“Having social media is no longer enough,” Ed Barzilaij, CEO of Maximum, said. “These channels need to be purpose-driven and actionable to serve the greater objectives of their existence. We can only know if they are meeting those goals if we monitor, measure and compare.”

Some of the findings included:

  • U.S. employers using Facebook for recruitment have an average weekly SRM Index score of 14.10. Northrop Grumman had a score of 35.10, making it the top employer in the Monitor.
  • Employers using Twitter for recruitment have an average weekly SRM index score of 17.51. Taco Bell (@TacoBellCareers) had a score of 44.31, making it the top employer in the Monitor.
  • The average fan base size of a U.S. Facebook career page is 14,382 and Verizon Wireless has the largest fan base, with 165,419 “likes” as of April 1st.

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