mindflash trainingOnline training platform Mindflash has announced the launch of the first ever training app for enterprise social network provider Yammer. The app lets training employees become more social and accessible for Yammer users and allows employers to create, distribute, and track vital courses and incorporate them into internal communications. Key features of the integrated app include:

• The publication of courses on the Yammer activity stream to help get trainees started.

• The creation of a more social experience where trainees can share scores, make comments, and hold conversations regarding training issues.

• The ability to identify and invite trainees from within Yammer’s contact lists. Trainers can also create discoverable course catalogs using Yammer Pages.

“Yammer users want training to be a topic of active conversation on their network,” said Donna Wells, CEO of Mindflash. “We’re excited to be the first to offer them that capability today. Our app fully leverages Yammer’s powerful feature set to make it more effective and efficient for businesses of any size to create, share and manage training.”

Mindflash is an online platform for trainers to share information and test skills. The platform handles any form of content and enables quick creation of online training courses. Users upload training materials in formats such as PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, and audio, and organize the files into a course dashboard. Trainers may then add quizzes and publish the course onto the web. Mindflash automatically handles tasks such as quiz scoring and tracking, course management, and reporting. For more information visit Mindflash.com.

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