misterheadhunter logoRobert Reyes, an Iraq War veteran wounded in action in 2004, has released a free portal he claims will make the process of salary negotiations beneficial to both employers and employees and more balanced to everyone involved. His tactic was to design a product that makes employers the responsible party for beginning salary talks first, instead of relying on resumes or other, more awkward, approaches heretofore required of applicants wishing to get a heads-up on salary expectations. Reyes’ solution, MisterHeadhunter.com, disrupts the standard practices he feels are only beneficial to employers, and requires employers to enter first bids for potential employees instead of the other way around.

Once an organization finds an interesting candidate profile within the job portal, employers must send a message informing the candidate not only of their interest but also a preliminary salary offer. If the candidate is satisfied with the offer, he or she can accept the message thus releasing contact details to the employer which can then continue the hiring process. An additional feature of the portal is that each profile has a “worth” that is equal to the current salary of the candidate it represents. Employers can only send salary offers that are higher than that number.

For employers, Mister Headhunter prescreens applicants who must first match pre-determined criteria, such as skills and location, before posting their profiles to the site. This feature helps save time by identifying only suitable matches for job vacancies.

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