October 25, 2011

Mobile Interview Solution Updated For Faster, More Efficient Hiring

NewsInterviewStream, a leading provider of online video interviewing solutions, has recently updated their on-the-go offering and released InterviewStream Mobile v2.0, a mobile interview solution. Previewed earlier this month at the HR Technology Conference and Expo, the mobile interview app is now fully available to the general public. Optimized for iPhone and iPad, the app also touts new features and faster performance – increasing efficiencies and saving recruiters and hiring managers valuable time and resources.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the client and candidate experience with our technology and we understand the importance of mobile computing,” said Randy Bitting, CEO of InterviewStream. “By using the Mobile 2.0 interface, InterviewStream clients get a jump on quality hires, providing them with a competitive edge by moving qualified candidates through the interview process easily and efficiently.”

The Mobile v2.0 app offers recruiters and hiring managers all the key features of the InterviewStream enterprise platform. allowing users to easily and effectively screen candidates and interview remote talent. InterviewStream Mobile V2.0 also comes equipped with features for inviting prospective candidates to interview, scheduling tools, and functionality for sharing recorded interview questions and answers with team members. The new release works on any iOS, Android, HP Web OS, tablet or smart phone.

“With our latest mobile release, clients can invite candidates to interview right from their phone or tablet,” Anthony Umfer, InterviewStream Developer. “Recruiters and hiring managers can review candidate responses and also forward them to colleagues. They can do all this while they’re still on the road or sitting in an airport somewhere.”

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