entrepreneurWanting to start a business isn’t the same thing as starting a business. However, having a very strong motivation to become an entrepreneur is an absolute first requirement. Inspiration and motivation are often more critical to success than the actual idea itself.

I stumbled across this graph from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (what, you don’t surf labor stats for fun?) that shows the percentage of the population that intends to start a business in the next three years. It excludes current entrepreneurs and business owners. So these are the dreamers. And there seems to be more dreamers than ever before.

This could be the result of a dire economy or lack of other career options. However, it doesn’t seem to follow the yearly trend of the recession, and additionally, “necessity driven entrepreneurship” (another graph they have) seems to have gone down in 2011 from 31% to 21% of entrepreneurs. It doesn’t appear that these are people forced to go into business for themselves because they can’t find a job elsewhere.

Is this new high in “entrepreneurial intention” caused by high profile Internet IPOs? A glamorization of money or success? Who knows. But it’s always nice to see some more dreamers. Let’s hope they all find the resources to make those dreams reality.

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