careerbuilder-logoThe majority of employers are in favor of raising state minimum wages, according to a survey by Careerbuilder, which found that two-thirds of them were in favor of doing so.

CareerBuilder’s poll of 2,188 HR professionals found the top reasons why employers want an increase in state minimum wages:

  • It can improve the standard of living: 74 percent
  • It can have a positive effect on employee retention: 58 percent
  • It can help bolster the economy: 55 percent
  • It can increase consumer spending: 53 percent
  • Employees may be more productive/deliver higher quality work: 48 percent
  • It can afford workers the opportunity to pursue more training or education: 39 percent

Employers were also asked what they thought the minimum wage should be increased to:

  • $8 or $9 per hour: 29 percent
  • $10 per hour: 29 percent
  • $11-$14 per hour: 19 percent
  • $15 or more per hour: 7 percent
  • No set minimum wage: 9 percent

The one-third of managers who didn’t support the increase were asked why they were opposed to it:

  • It can cause employers to hire less people: 66 percent
  • It can cause issues for small businesses struggling to get by: 65 percent
  • It can cause hikes in prices to offset labor costs: 62 percent
  • It can mean potential layoffs: 50 percent
  • It can lead to increased use of automation as a replacement for workers: 32 percent
  • Wages for higher-level workers may suffer and create retention issues: 29 percent

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