release of capacity planning appAutomated mobile workforce management and optimization solutions provider ClickSoftware Technologies has announced the launch of a Capacity Planning App, enabling businesses to plan available resources and anticipate demand to deliver on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and meet compliance standards. Capacity planning balances forecasting and demand in managing overtime, contractor use, and adjusting staffing levels—particularly in seasonal environments.

ClickSoftware offers the Capacity Planning App, forecasting accurate plans through real-life simulations, to fully automate the planning process and create a baseline to help businesses define:

• How much work should be done per day, location and task type

• How many appointments should be booked per day, location and task type

• What service level can be achieved

• How many resources are needed, and if not enough are available, how to close the gap

Unlike manual processes, the Capacity Planning App uses real simulations to provide the best-case scenario to control and plan for SLAs. The simulation factors in: the forecast, required service levels, actual bookings and engineer information to calculate the optimal capacity limitation percentages. The result of the simulation is an extremely accurate analysis to help with planning days to weeks in advance.

The forecast can be translated into a working plan, in accordance to company policy, and inject the right staffing levels into a scheduling. The system will also highlight any gaps in engineer availability or too much white space in the schedule, and offer automated suggestions to bring the schedule in-line with demand.

“ClickSoftware has demonstrated the value provided to service organizations through scheduling and mobility tools, and now our Capacity Planning App provides even greater ability to control the highest level of service your business can afford to offer based on a deep understanding of resources and demand,” Dr. Moshe BenBassat, founder and CEO of ClickSoftware, said. “Our mission at ClickSoftware is to ensure organizations of all sizes provide the best experience possible for customers, while also keeping employees and managers happy, and doing so without increasing operational costs.”

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