tnova document securityWhile the dream of a completely paperless office may never fully die, the reality is that it is virtually impossible to avoid having at least some amount of required paperwork building up around the office. And while electronic documentation continues to develop at a brisk pace, ensuring the security of confidential paper documents and HR information remains a primary business concern.

Enter the T Nova Document Security Vault (DSV) integrated cabinet system. The system debuts unique features such as a keyless, electronic locking mechanism, with custom control over which users have access to particular document types. Entry is allowed through the use of a keypad or proximity card. Each time a cabinet is accessed, the user is recorded so that management knows who opened the unit and when it was opened. DSV owners can limit document access through multiple means. With support for up to 250 unique users, access can be allowed on a temporary, as-needed, or permanent basis. Limitations may also be placed to restrict access to certain times.

“We talked to a lot of businesses that are required to keep confidential paper documents, and they expressed a real need for access control they could track and security they could depend on,” said Lou Tashash, president of T NOVA. “They are concerned about identity theft, protecting trade secrets, HIPAA compliance, all that. Old-fashioned locking cabinets just aren’t good enough.”

Available with between two and four drawers at varying standard widths, the DSV is constructed of heavy-duty steel and secured with a motorized latching system containing a tamper-proof anti-tip mechanism. More information is available at

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