CBIZ logoCBIZ, Inc. launched a new blog, the CBIZ Human Capitalizing blog, to help employers best utilize their workers while also working to motivate and retain current employees and attracting new ones. The blog’s primary foci will be the areas of benefits and wellness, employee management, and fiscal management. The initial batch of posts include: the introduction of the CBIZ Small Business Employment Index (SBEI) which analyzes small business hiring trends and small business job growth; a dissection of the Affordable Care Act and a discussion of the crucial information that should be understood about health care exchange options; results from the inaugural SBEI; a look at the CBIZ Women’s Advantage initiative; recruitment strategies for senior executives; and questions to consider when looking into a daily deal program.

“CBIZ joined the blogosphere to provide relevant data, research, and insight to provide employers with solutions to attract, retain, develop, motivate, and reward employees, while also recognizing the importance of fiscal management issues,” stated Mark Waxman, chief marketing officer at CBIZ. “We’re proud to have qualified experts who understand the value of human capital and look forward to an interactive dialogue with our readers about a wide range of topics regarding the management of human capital and business growth.”

Initial blog authors include Jay Meschke, president of CBIZ Human Capital Services and EFL Associates, Nancy Mellard, vice president of CBIZ employee services division, Philip Noftsinger, business unit president of CBIZ payroll, Karen McLeese, vice president of employee benefit regulatory affairs, Gregg Landers, lead managing director of CBIZ MHM’s growth management practice, and Mark Waxman. For more information visit CBIZ.com.

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