linkedin todayLinkedIn’s popular “morning newsletter” for business professionals called LinkedIn Today seems to have received a big makeover (at least for some users.) The new format adds large graphics and a smooth, iPad style design. The overall feel is clean and visually striking.

LinkedIn Today has proven wildly popular, as the custom article aggregation service picks news for you in areas of your interest. It’s been dubbed everything from the “best online newspaper” to “everything business people have to know.” You can choose to follow industries, such as Internet, Online Media, Computer Software, and Careers & Recruiting. The popular service has given users yet another reason to use LinkedIn consistently, as more of a web service and business tool than an online resume profile system.

LinkedIn appears to have rolled out this update to LinkedIn Today alongside the launch of their new iPad app. It has a similar feel and is probably an effort to standardize the user experience across all platforms. The new LinkedIn Today has a really nice look to it, so be sure to give it a try. And be sure to follow on LinkedIn Today while you’re at it!

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