arrowsAs companies increasingly turn to mass notification systems for quickly handling communications to large volumes of people, Diatel Inc. has released a mass voice broadcasting service leveraging its existing network designed specifically for voice broadcasting with its current capability of making a half-million calls per hour. Diatel’s Mass Notification Service allows organizations to prepare for potential emergency situations where dozens to hundreds of thousands of people need to be notified of an event within a short span of time. The service requires no setup fee and companies can create multiple broadcasting campaigns for no charge.

The service is targeted primarily at schools, organizations that host large events, and MLM teams and groups. Outgoing messages are recorded via a web-based interface, load your contact database, and schedule the campaign. Detailed call reports are available upon the delivery of your calls. Messages may be predetermined or created on the spot, through the phone, and immediately blasted out to your selected contact database. Smaller groups can quickly communicate to individual employees or entire groups in the time it takes to make a single contact.

Mass notifications can help businesses in a variety of ways including: increasing attendance at public events; sending out cancellation notifications; alerting of threats and other security updates; and warning of inclement weather. For more information visit or to create an account go to


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