September 6, 2011

New Name For Workforce Solutions Provider

NewsPayroll Solutions/AvantX Corporation, previously known for their payroll, time and labor solutions, is changing their company name in order to better represent their widening portfolio of workforce management solutions. Their new name, Sentric, Inc. – is a reflection of their customer focused philosophy – and the re-branding will allow the company to drive forward a wider range of products and services, such as their latest offering, a comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS), entitled SentricWorkforce.

“Our new brand ‘Sentric Inc. Your Workforce. In Focus.’ represents our client-centric focus to unified workforce solutions,” stated Mike Maggs, President at Sentric. “We provide our clients with unified payroll, time and labor, and HR workforce management solutions to support their workforce. As an alternative to legacy payroll and technology providers, our solutions approach ensures our clients get the solution they need.”

The name change will officially take place on September 6th, 2011. To coincide with the re-branding, Sentric will be introducing their unified workforce management solution suite, SentricWorkforce. The comprehensive system provides technologies for human capital management, payroll, time and attendance, and labor management. Some of its features focus on employment administration, compliance, policies and best practices, training and development programs, performance management, expense management, organizational planning, and recruitment management.

“Our goal at Sentric, Inc. is to provide unified workforce management solutions centered around our clients’ business requirements in order to improve the management and effectiveness of the workforce,” said Tracy Null, Vice President. “Our research indicated that clients require unified solutions and not just payroll software. Our strategy is offering a portfolio of solutions that deliver business value.”

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