ei poweredEi Powered, Inc. has released a new online emotional intelligence (EI) training suite designed to enhance the set of emotional skills exhibited by organizations and their leaders. The on-demand package provides self-assessments for EI at both the individual and organizational levels plus a three-hour training session on emotions in the workplace. The system is composed of five modules including self-awareness and empathy packages, overviews entitled “EI and the Team,” and “Leadership/Followership.”

Stephen Blakesley, president of Ei Powered said, “Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence perform better. Teams led by emotionally intelligent leaders get better results, quicker and emotionally aware organizations earn greater profits,” he continued. “Emotional Intelligence plays a powerful and profitable role in almost every aspect of work.”

Cost-effective EI training has been hard to come by even as a growing number of companies are looking for ways to integrate EI training into standard employee development lessons. The rise in interest has come on the heels of some researchers who claim EI training can account for between 75 and 90 percent of the job success rate.

Blakesley went on to state that, “This learning package delivers so much value it is difficult to quantify. Possibly the greatest value comes from the creation of a personal benchmark that identifies both strengths/weaknesses and lays out a plan to get better.”

The package also contains material to aid managers in coaching their employees and monitoring progress. For more information visit Eipowered.com.

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