free ving accountsYoungstown Business Incubator (YBI) portfolio company via680 has announced the third version of its engagement tool, Ving, which now includes forever-free accounts in an attempt to improve business communications and productivity. The newest release also offers an enhanced interface for more intuitive creation of dynamic messages. Ving messages are sharable through email, social media, and websites and provide real-time tracking of the recipient’s interaction via an engagement dashboard.

“We are continually seeking opportunities to improve our products,” said Tony DeAscentis, CEO of via680, “and we see our customers as tremendous resources in our research and development efforts. During the month of June, we did a ten-day circuit where we conducted 1,400 ‘sneak peaks’ – demonstrations of the new user interface. We are psyched to say that we hit a home run! It’s clear that the focus groups and customers that led us to this new interface were spot on.”

Users can now record video and audio into Ving messages for easier creation of multimedia messages. The Engagement Dashboard adds the ability to pull more data from messages, track recipient process with message assets, and provide real-time feedback and completion statistics, thus minimizing the possibility of misunderstandings. This lack of miscommunication can create new opportunities for engagement and increased productivity.

“The new Ving experience clearly enables users to effortlessly create and dynamically collect feedback that measures engagement level with their most important messages,” said DeAscentis. “Ving’s new interface also allows customers to more easily create multimedia messages including videos, documents, audio files, and surveys, and send them in one attention-grabbing package.”


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