NICE systems logoThe NICE Enterprise Group company, NICE Systems, has announced a first-of-its-kind workforce optimization (WFO) suite based in the cloud that offers full WFO capabilities, such as recording, quality management, analytics, workforce management, performance management, incentive compensation management, and customer feedback. Hosted as a SaaS, the suite provides clients with low upfront costs, improved technological flexibility, and speedier implementation.

The cloud-based WFO suite offers the following key benefits:

• Lower deployment costs for contact centers, branches, and retail with must faster implementation times than other methods.

• Easier access to and regular updates of the core software.

• No need for organizations to monitor and maintain software thus freeing up time to focus on daily business operations.

• Support for hybrid integrations of both cloud-based and on-site applications, such as NICE IEX Workforce Management with cloud-based applications, such as performance management and interaction analytics.

“We are proud to deliver the market’s first comprehensive cloud-based WFO suite,” said Yochai Rozenblat, president of the NICE Enterprise Group. “We focus on delivering value to our clients by helping them leverage customer interaction data for improved operations and sales. Cloud-based deployment makes it easier and more cost effective for our clients to implement a complete set of advanced WFO solutions.”


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