headphonesFinding the right talent for any job is hard enough for recruiters, but you have to find a highly skilled tech employee when you yourself don’t have a tech background, the recruiting process can get even harder.

The latest infographic from IT recruitment agency Modis looks at exactly this scenario: how does a non-techie recruiter go about finding the right tech talent when they don’t have as much industry knowledge as a traditional tech expert might have?

According to the infographic, there are four core steps that recruiters need follow in order to land the best tech talent.

Once you have established the objectives of the business you are recruiting for, you are ready to get the word out about the role. It’s perfectly acceptable for anyone feeling stuck to ask for help. Look to industry insiders to get an accurate understanding of relevant terminology and any programming languages or skill sets that are key to the role.

By using the infographic below, you can figure out what makes for a perfect candidate in an area you may not be too confident in:


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