NewsOCI (Options Choices, Inc.), leader of data integration and software services, has released two versions of its leave management system, LeaveXpert. The new versions, Compliance and Enterprise, have been designed to increase administrative productivity and improve legal compliance.

OCI is a company dedicated to assisting businesses with consultative services regarding benefits, human resources, risk management, and IT dependent programs, with the ultimate goals of decreasing costs and increasing productivity. The leave management system, LeaveXpert, combines several types of HR, claims, and leave data into an effective web-based application that produces results.

President of OCI, Archie Anderson, had this to say about LeaveXpert: “Organizations are continuously evolving and most companies do not fit into a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. In response to our customers’ ever-changing needs, we’ve developed two versions of LeaveXpert to provide effective leave management regardless of a company’s size, number of leaves, or absence policies.”

Key features of the two versions include:

  • Ability to track and manage FMLA policies
  • Use of alerts, task management, and correspondence tools
  • The ability to integrate additional leave types
  • Access to reports that measure a company’s cost associated with disability, FMLA, workers’ compensation, sick leaves, and state leaves

To learn more about OCI and LeaveXpert, please visit or call (800) 678-6613.

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