new telework platform capabilitiesOfficescape’s latest development for its telework management platform, a tool for helping companies manage their telework programs, involves a metrics-driven, transparent tasking and productivity tool that simplifies the daily productivity management of mobile workers. The development’s real-time reporting capability ties directly to corporate projects and goals. The tool is also useful for eliminating inconsistencies present in the management of telework programs that my cause failures.

The remote-working tasking tool enables managers to create tasks, including task details, and assign them to available executors. The task creation process includes setting start dates and deadlines, predicted required hours for task completion, setting task priority, and optionally assigning additional stakeholders. Once task creation is complete, executors and other stakeholders are notified and can then access all relevant details through the telework platform. Once accessed, they can report task status or completion percentage and managers can view real-time task details that can be filtered by priority, percentage complete, task creator, executor, and other categories.

Officescape’s telework platform offers customized, automated reporting from a single hub and provides teleworkers with access to assigned services, reserved on-demand or hoteling space, private instant messaging or web phone communications with other teleworks, and may submit requests for paid time off.


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