blue puzzle piecesA new OfficeTeam survey has examined the most unusual questions field by HR managers during interviews and has identified some of the more surprising and “bad” questions at interview, including:

• Do I have to be at work every day?

• Would you consider going on a date with me?

• Do you want to take a ride in my new car?

• What color is the point in this office?

• Can my husband finish this test for me?

• Is the boss single?

• Do you have a job for my partner?

• What are the women who work here like?

• How do you think I did on the interview?

Other interviewees for professional jobs seemed most concerned with when they wouldn’t be working:

• Do you allow midday naps?

• Can I get every Tuesday off?

• How soon can I take my first vacation?

• Can I have three weeks off every three months to pursue my music career?

• How much time do I have to put in?

• Can I have my birthday off?

Some individuals saw nothing bizarre in these questions:

• Can I place my desk near the cafeteria?

• Can I get a pay advance?

• Can you help me search for an apartment?

• Is it okay to wear shorts to work?

• Can you help me with the employment test?

• Can I set my own hours?

And finally, one candidate advertised his complete cluelessness with:

• What job is this for?

“Job seekers can set themselves apart by asking intelligent questions about the company and the position,” Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, said. “Before interviews, candidates should thoroughly research the employer and come up with questions that show interest in and knowledge of the organization.”


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