tenhands videoTenHands, Inc., provider of free video collaboration software for business, has announced the open beta release of its up-and-coming desktop video service. The offering is a first for real-time, high-definition video delivered via a cloud-based solution. The solution, utilizing the Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud, HTML5, and WebRTC, is now available for free for everyone after its initial closed beta which closed on April 23rd.

“In the race to enable real-time video in the browser, we believe we are a year ahead of Skype, WebEx, HDFaces and other providers,” commented Mark Weidick, Co-Founder and CEO of TenHands. “WebRTC is the catalyst to revolutionize the way we use our browsers to communicate. In the same way the browser revolutionized the way we access information 15 years ago, WebRTC will quickly enable the browser to become a primary mode of video and audio communication.”

The solution is currently an open-source, non-Flash, browser plug-in that delivers HD video in Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox browsers on both PC and Mac platforms. The player will soon be available on iDevices, Android devices, and smart phones.

“Imagine being able to instantly make a free, HD video call from any device to any other device in the world through a browser, and without the need of any hardware or software to download. That is when you turn interoperability on its head and truly democratize the video experience for all,” explains Jack Blaeser, Co-Founder and CCO of TenHands. “We are in the midst of this transformational movement that is sure to disrupt the existing market but promises great benefits for businesses and end users.”

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