Pairin logoPairin, Inc. recently launched two new pre-employment selection solutions for small businesses: Job Pairin and Employee Pairin. Job Pairin is designed to “flip” the hiring process by emphasizing behavioral traits and design first, followed by experience and other considerations. Employee Pairin allows small organizations and departments to compare a final few top applicants to their highest-performing employee.

“Pairin enables hiring managers to flip their hiring process by allowing them to focus on identifying candidates like their top employee, rather than dealing with the typical guesswork,” Michael L. Simpson, CEO co-founder of Pairin, said. “Pairin’s solutions complement the responsibilities of business owners, HR personnel and all hiring managers, making it easier to quickly identify best potential hires based on specific characteristics, instead of relying so heavily on reading lots of resumes. With Pairin, you can make the most informed decision possibleit’s like fishing in a stocked pond.”

Job Pairin’s features include:

  • Uniquely identify optimal interview candidates by comparing them to the “Gold Standard,” data received from assessing at least three each of best and worst performers in the same position as the job listing according to 137 peak performance drivers.
  • Deploy entire process in only 10 minutes
  • $199/month lets employers assess unlimited employees and unlimited applicants against one job listing
  • Automatic generation of applicant-specific guides with insights and recommended questions to help hiring managers conduct effective interviews

“Have you ever heard from a client, ‘We need you to find more people like our top 3-5 performers and do it fast!’? Of course you have; and every time you are thinking, ‘Do you want it fast or accurate?’ With Job Pairin you can provide both and help reduce turnover and increase retention,” Simpson said.

Employee Pairin’s features include:

  • Identify a single high-performing employee as a hiring benchmark against one applicant for a $49 one-time fee (5 minutes to deploy). Invite additional applicants to be tested for $29 each
  • Customize complete online job application with company logo and colors; or integrate branded, registration page with existing online application or eRecruitment software
  • Modify settings at any time; upgrade to Job Pairin without losing any data
  • Organize and manage one to thousands of openings through the Employee Pairin dashboard
  • Automatically create a custom Hiring Insights Interview Guide for each candidate

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