June 18, 2012

Paychex Announces Mobile App for on-the-go Access to Payroll and Benefits Info

techPaychex, Inc., has a new solution for small and medium-sized businesses desiring the ability of providing employees with mobile access to personal payroll, benefits and retirement information. Paychex Mobile, available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry users, gives Paychex clients tools for on-the-go access to employment-related financial data plus tools to increase productivity.

“Paychex is proud to continue the expansion of its Software-as-a-Service offerings with the launch of Paychex Mobile. The app allows users to access their Paychex payroll, benefits, and retirement information when, where, and how they want-directly from the palm of their hand,” said Paychex President and CEO Martin Mucci. “With the launch of Paychex Mobile, we look forward to meeting the evolving needs our clients, while maintaining the personal service they rely on every day.”

Specific key features for employees include:

• A contact list with one-click call and email functionality

• A payroll journal and cash requirements reports

• Access to check stubs and W-2 forms

• Balances for time off

• Retirement administrator views

For employers:

• W-2 forms and stub checking

• Time-off balances

• Balances, loans, and contributions to retirement funds

• FSA balances

• Basic personal information on employees

“Our smartphone strategy continues our practice of offering features that benefit all Paychex user groups-our clients, their employees, and the accountants who serve them,” said Michael Gioja, Paychex senior vice president of information technology, product management and development. “The Paychex Mobile smartphone app, along with our existing tablet app offerings, demonstrates our commitment to helping business owners, and their employees, use mobile technology to its fullest potential-and we look forward to even more advancements in the months ahead.”

A free demo version is available in each of the major app marketplaces.

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