newsPayroll Solutions International, Inc (PSI), a global provider of payroll solutions and outsourcing services, has just recently announced a strategic partnership with ExactHire, a provider of Talent Management solutions. The partnership will allow PSI to provide its customers with ExactHires’s applicant tracking system as part of their service offerings.

“This new strategic partnership strengthens PSI’s commitment to providing our clients with an innovative and integrated payroll service offering”, said Michael D. Cote, PSI’s Chief Technology Officer. The applicant tracking system will be offered on the North American and International Markets and is targeted towards small to medium sized businesses.

PSI’s regular offerings include payroll services, time & labor management tracking software, human resources information systems, and additional consulting services that are delivered through an integrated web-based platform. Now that applicant tracking software has been added to the mix, PSI can better meet the wide range of their customer’s needs. The ExactHire ATS offers streamlined talent acquisition and onboarding functionality, as well as paperless workflows and advanced functionality for job posting.

Some of the ExactHire applicant tracking features include automatic job postings to free and paid job boards, email communication with applicants, application forwarding to hiring managers, unique screening questions for each job, applicant ranking capabilities, and differentiated applicant stage and status codes for keeping track of the hiring process.

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