NewsEzPayCheck payroll software by now has new features that simplify and quicken the payroll process., leading the way in payroll tax software, offers efficient and flexible software to help small businesses and non-profits with payroll. The newest version of software, ezPayCheck 2012, is available free for 30 days to evaluate for a limited time.

According to Dr. Ge, founder of, “Meeting the specific needs of our customers is an important part of our business model. We believe small business should focus their time and energy on running their businesses, not trying to figure out how to run payroll software and report tax.”

With new user-friendly wage features, small businesses can now create each paycheck according to salary, hourly, miles, pieces, or stops. Users can easily set up an account and begin generating paychecks right away. Current users of ezPaycheck software can simply upgrade this latest software and support is free and unlimited. Additionally, the software assists with various incomes, deductions, taxes, restaurant tips, and assists churches and non-profits with various tax options.

ezPaycheck 2012 is available through for $89. Users can also purchase ezPayCheck 2011 for an additional $1 to assist with the end of the year reporting features.

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