peoplefluent updates rms/vmsSocial HCM technology company, Peoplefluent, has announced a list of enhancements to its recruiting and contingent workforce management solutions. The company’s recruitment management system (RMS) now features an improved mobile career site with expanded mobile capabilities. The vendor management system (VMS) has received enhancements to its Service Procurement module for improved management of contingent labor. When combined as Peoplefluent TalentUnity, the solutions give HR professionals and recruiters access to a total workforce talent pool through integrated recruitment and contingent sourcing workflows.

Enhancements to the RMS, beyond the mobile careers site, include:

• Self-service functionality for customers, allowing clients to manage personal configurations with user-defined fields.

• Forms management capability offering client-defined candidate forms in 30 languages.

• More metric options for reports.

Other enhancements to the VMS module include:

• Payment categories that reflect milestone and actual resources.

• A category for the management of fee structures.

• Partial-work invoices.

• Project resource management and tracking enhancements.

• Importation of time by defined increments.

“To best compete in global business environments, organizations need solutions to expand their talent pools and support strategic decision-making regarding full time and contingent workforce,” said Stephen Bruce, senior vice president, Product Management and Product Marketing, Peoplefluent. “TalentUnity solutions were designed to provide such functionality and we continue to invest in product development as market needs change. The latest versions of Peoplefluent RMS and Peoplefluent VMS exemplify our mission to deliver customer-demanded enhancements, particularly improvements to the mobile career site that helps organizations recruit from a broader talent pool.”


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