peoplelinx logoPeopleLinx’s scalable social marketing and training solutions have now been integrated with Twitter to allow employees to manage profiles, networks, and content sharing on it and dominant B2B social network giant LinkedIn.

“Most companies have corporate Twitter accounts for marketing or customer service. Now they want to take Twitter to the next level by empowering their employees,” said Nathan Egan, CEO of PeopleLinx. “PeopleLinx already helps employees use LinkedIn to drive brand awareness, create opportunities, and measure social ROI. Now we’re creating the same opportunity on Twitter. To help employees create value on Twitter, companies need more than a policy. They need process, tools, and metrics. That’s what PeopleLinx delivers.”

PeopleLinx users can draft and schedule Tweets through the platform while curated content, such as blogs, videos, and infographics, can be shared by employees on Twitter, LinkedIn, or both. PeopleLinx offers analytics on shares, likes, comments, retweets, click-through rates, and other data for marketers to use for fine tuning strategies to match content and messaging with the proper network.

Functionality for Twitter profiles will soon match that for LinkedIn including automatic score profiles based on how well profiles meet employer guidelines and tips for improving profiles to comply with those guidelines. PeopleLinx will also extend its networking guidance and gamification features to Twitter. These features will guide employees to target the right companies, industries, and job titles on Twitter and will score Twitter profiles on messaging, following, and content sharing. The scoring algorithm will also soon incorporate replies, retweets, and click-through rates for Twitter profiles.


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