August 2, 2011

Performance Management System ReviewSNAP Announces New Features

newsReviewSNAP, a division of parent company Applied Training Systems – recently announced increased functionality for their acclaimed web based performance management system.The new features will focus on benefits-based performance management, with a release slated for the fourth quarter of 2011.

ReviewSNAP’s completely automated system already supplies multifaceted performance reviews and 360 degree surveys – the upcoming enhancement simply offers an alternative, more innovative methodology to approaching performance management.

“Employees sometimes walk away from a coaching or review session wondering how they will truly benefit if they make behavioral changes to improve their performance in a particular area,” said ReviewSNAP President Dave Arringdale. “Benefits-Based Performance Management helps embed into the entire feedback process a sense of partnering between the manager and employee and provides a clearer target for the employee to shoot for to help them become more successful. It’s really about what’s in it for me?”

The fundamental strength of benefits-based performance management lies in its ability to transcend employee’s resistance to change. The new system approaches performance reviews and ongoing feedback in a way that is accessible and realistic to employees – objectives and rewards are framed in a highly relevant and motivational format.

“Whether we want to believe it or not, people are selfish by nature,” said Arringdale. “While they generally want the employer to believe they are eager to do a great job, they are not always that eager to modify their work behavior enough unless they feel there is a real payoff of some sort for them.”

The ReviewSNAP team behind the new components poured substantial research into understanding the multitude of ways performance reviews affect employee behavior and performance. Their findings suggested that benefit-based approaches consistently outperformed conventional methodologies.

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