checkPersonality testing is often used as part of pre-employment testing and assessments. They are used to help ascertain an applicant’s type of personality. These tests provide valuable and often detailed information about aptitude, values, skills, interests, emotional management, and extroversion.

The most distinguished personality test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is used by employers to determine type of personality and emotional proclivities. Often employers structure much less formal career testing, such as short quizzes. They might also employ these assessments during the interview with psychologically telling interview questions.

Besides using these tests for aptitude and personality type/role alignment, others use them for structuring training and employee development programs. For example, some tests show matrices of tendencies toward extroversion and introversion. If an employee was strongly weighted toward introversion, the manager may be given notice to ensure that development focused on presentation skills and relationship-building.


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