Browser URLTechnology solutions provider Pitney Bowes Inc. recently added a special website devoted to helping military veterans and their families find work within the Connecticut-based company. The site,, enables military veterans to map their training and skills to a list of current job openings listed on the Pitney Bowes site. When a veteran selects his or her military job title on the site, it will bring up every Pitney Bowes job opening with a skills requirement similar to the selected military title.

The additional site backs Pitney Bowes’s commitment to the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a joint effort of more than 70 companies to provide meaningful career opportunities to veterans who are returning from deployment or a lengthy military service. So far, the Mission estimates that more than 28,000 veterans were already hired by member companies, including nearly 200 at Pitney Bowes.

“Our company is proud to support veteran employment efforts and, whenever we have the opportunity, to increase the number of our employees who are veterans, military spouses or active duty servicemen and women transitioning to civilian life,” said Johnna Torsone, executive vice president and chief human resources officer at Pitney Bowes. “It is not just our way of saying thank you; it is a recognition that these men and women bring leadership, skills, training and teamwork that can directly benefit our company.”

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