dataEnterprise business management solutions provider Workday has released a mini-survey which has revealed that HR pros want more workforce information access from their systems but many are not ready for cloud-based systems. Almost half of survey respondents said that they are unable to access enough global workforce data while an additional 30 percent said they did have sufficient data access but not through their organization’s software systems; information access was only available through manual effort. Just under one-quarter of participants reported to being completely happy with their HR data access from their software.

One potential reason for the problem, as gathered by the survey, is that companies tend to use HR systems that are inconsistent throughout the world; 43 percent of respondents claimed to be in this position. Given the extent and severity of these complaints, it is not surprising that 41 percent said that they were planning to make significant improvement to their human resource system within the next couple of years. But only a small minority plan to utilize cloud-based HR systems. These systems, thought to be the cutting-edge solution for agile workforce management, were used by just 7 percent of respondents while 12 percent expect to migrant to them sometime within the next two years. Nearly 40 percent claimed to desire a move to a cloud-based HR system at some point in the future but lacked any medium-term plans to reach that goal.

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