BikeChances are you currently spend your morning commute listening to music on the train or staring off into the distance while trying to avoid uncomfortable eye contact with your fellow commuters.

Or maybe you drive to work, in which case you probably spend a lot of time angrily honking at that car in front of you who just merged across two lanes without a blinker.

Whatever the case, it’s likely that you’re underutilizing your morning commute, as so many people often do. You could, in fact, be taking advantage of your commute to further your knowledge and sharpen your skills without disrupting your daily routine. Whether you’re sitting in traffic or traveling across the country for business, podcasts allow you to get some professional development in when you’re on the go.

There are a lot of podcasts out there, but MBA@UNC, the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School’s online MBA program, has decided to help you find the ones that are worth your precious time by compiling a list of five sales podcasts you should listen to on your morning commute.

Every industry relies on sales, and sharpening your skills is sure to give you an advantage at work.

1. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Motivation and fulfillment are key for building an effective sales team. In this podcast, Bill Caskey, a sales development leader and the creator of the Sales Leadership Academy, and Bryan Neale, a veteran trainer and speaker, provide advice on how to improve your sales funnel, discuss the difference between business development and sales, and do much, much more. There are currently more than 300 episodes, all of which are under 15 minutes long.

2. The Sales Playbook Podcast

Paul Castain, the former director of corporate solutions sales for Dale Carnegie, has been named “one of the best sales gurus out there.” He uses traditional sales methods, social media tools, and personal branding to give sales tips that offer advice on presentation skills, negotiation, winning back lost business, and competing with higher-priced products and services.

3. The Sales Evangelist

ShoesDonald Kelly, or “The Sales Evangelist,” uses his podcast to help others feel just as passionately about sales as he does. His love for marketing, sales, and business is abundantly clear, and his passion is contagious. Among the best episodes to listen to are ”
“How to Use Email to Sell,” “How to Use LinkedIn to Sell,” and “Social Selling Practices.”

4. The Funnel

Alignment Group uses its podcast “The Funnel” to offer sales recruiting and sales leadership advice to small and midsize businesses. Cofounders John Shea and Lindsay Kelley often discuss popular topics regarding social media, like LinkedIn and blogging, with one episode called “The Hype Surrounding Social Selling.”

5. Sales Tip a Day

Want to turn prospects into clients? Chris Hamilton of Sales Tip a Day (STAD) Consulting wants to help. His top podcast episodes include “Why Don’t People Ask for Referrals,” “How to Stop Cold Calling and Use Webinars for Sales Leads,” “Using Content Marketing to Replace Cold Calling” and “Why Cold Calls Don’t Work.”

Not In Sales? No Problem

You can still use your morning commute to boost your career. All you need to do is find podcasts that are relevant to your field — and we guarantee they’re out there.

So, stop wasting your commutes on daydreams and road rage. Start listening to podcasts instead. That way, no matter how busy you are, you’ll always have time to learn something new.

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